In order to interact with UploadFly’s API endpoints, you’ll need to authenticate your requests using an API key. API keys grant access to the services and functionalities provided by UploadFly. There are two types of access levels associated with an API key: “upload access” and “full access”. Each access level has different permissions and restrictions, allowing you to choose the appropriate level of access based on your requirements.

API Key Access Levels

1. Upload Access

The “upload access” API key is designed to allow only file uploads. With this access level, you can securely upload your files to your fly, making it convenient for scenarios where file submission is the primary requirement.

2. Full Access

The “full access” API key provides unrestricted access to your fly. It is not only designed to upload files but also leverage additional functionalities, such as deleting files, creating routes, and accessing administrative features. This level of access is suitable when you need complete control and oversight of your fly.

Obtaining an API Key

Navigate to the “API Keys” section within your fly dashboard. Here, you can generate a new API key.

Select the access level you require for your API key. If you only need to upload files, choose “upload access.” For full control and access to all features, choose “full access.”

After generating the API key, ensure you copy it to a secure location. Treat your API key like a password.

Using the API Key

To authenticate your requests, include the API key as a Bearer token in the HTTP headers of your API calls. The API key will be used to validate your access level and permissions for each request.

Authorization: Bearer YOUR_API_KEY